I know I’m just a dumb F&B guy, but…

When will manufacturers of those little bottles of shampoo and bath gel that you find in most hotel bathrooms wake up to the fact that we can’t read your labels!

According to the Vision Council of America over half of all women and 48% of all men wear glasses… but not in the shower.

I was recently in Bangkok, staying at the excellent Siam Kempinski hotel. I laughed out loud when, like thousands of fellow travelers every day, I made the stupid mistake of entering the shower without first checking which of the tiny bottles was the shampoo.

Well, NOW I can read it.
Well, NOW I can read it.

However, as hard as I strained my eyes, I simply couldn’t read the labels. What to do next? Throw caution to the wind and guess? Would it matter anyway? Or should I accept defeat and exit the shower soaking wet, partially dry off so as not to drip water everywhere, find my glasses and solve the puzzle. Makers of mini shampoo bottles around the world must have been rejoicing that yet another dumb hotel guest fell into their trap. 

Could they not put a large S on the back of the shampoo, a large C on the back of the conditioner and a large G on the back of the bath gel? Or is that too simple?