I can’t talk to a client; I’m in a meeting

I can’t talk to a client; I’m in a meeting

Are customers important to your business? Do you make them feel special with each and every interaction? 

It seems many employees are taking precious moments in between customers to text and use their smartphones. I see this happening everywhere from grocery stores to public swimming pools! While watching kids swim may not be the most stimulating job, it is critically important to pay attention to prevent accidents. It is essentially (and obviously) the main ingredient in being a successful lifeguard.

I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy after work last week and decided to go into the store instead of using the drive-thru lane. Inside the store, there were four other people ahead of me, and I waited about 20 minutes. The employees gave priority to those calling on the phone over the patrons waiting in line. The pharmacy workers also gave priority to those who waited in the comfort of their own car in the drive-thru lane. 

In your day-to-day operations, are you subtly ignoring your customers? I am still shocked that some sales departments in certain industries still inform clients, “Sorry, no one can help you now, they are all in a sales meeting.” The irony is they may be talking about not having enough business.

Most People Don’t: Pay strict attention to you customers and make them always feel appreciated.