Humpty Dumpty was pushed

Time to get real and destroy any preconceived notions that Humpty Dumpty actually fell. Let’s be serious — he was definitely pushed.

While we like to be soft and cushy like a newly fluffed feather pillow, the harsh reality is that the hospitality business is truly a business. Take a drink from a “big boy” mug; no more “sippie cups” allowed.

A group canceled, and I can’t make my monthly goals. 

The economy faltered, and my client did not get approval to book their meeting.

My customer’s budget was reduced from last year, so their F&B spend was less than anticipated.

The competition is offering rates lower than mine.

Waaaa, waaaa, waaaaa …

What are you going to do about it? The harsh reality of our business is that we need to find creative ways to overcome these obstacles, as this is our job. It is our responsibility to provide revenues for the profitability of our ownership groups, the management company and the employees of the property.

Does your team make another solicitation call when they are tired? Does your leadership team and general manager come out to meet your customers when they are on property, or are they stuck in an internal meeting about how to find more business? Please share your expertise and thoughts in the comment section!

Just wait until next week, when we reveal Alice in Wonderland’s deep, dark secret.