Humility: The untapped trait

Entrepreneur magazine had a recent article on leadership trends and talked about the importance of humility. In one of the chapters in my book, “The Loneliness of Leadership,” Jim Houran and I also discuss this issue.

Celebrity CEOs with big egos and oversized paychecks are not the answer. In fact, our research bears out that leaders with humility and a servant-leadership style outperform their “rock star” peers by a long shot.

Here are a few reasons humility is so important:

  • You gain empathy for the people around you.
  • You gain self-awareness.
  • You gain broad shoulders — you can take the heat and not get flustered.
  • You realize praise is fleeting, and you take it with a grain of salt.
  • You can provide constructive feedback to others.
  • You can respect your competitors but still beat the pants off of them.
  • You can demonstrate grace under fire.
  • You can keep an even keel — you never get too high or low.

As we say in the book, “True leadership is to restrain the use of power over people, not abuse it.”