How to live 100 years, and your secret to success

How to live 100 years, and your secret to success

Thank goodness I saw Willard Scott from NBC’s ?TODAY? show celebrating those viewers who were celebrating birthdays of 100 years or more this morning while I was on the elliptical exercising rather than eating a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.

There seems to be several common themes among all of the centenarians: exercise, activities and laughter.

I was surprised to hear how many of those celebrated on the show continue to exercise daily and have strong interests that keep them motivated (and living). 

On the official “request for on-air announcement form,” it asks them to list their “secret(s) to longevity.” You can search topics related to living longer and find numerous sites that provide advice and strategies to be able to see 100. I located a website that examines aspects of one’s life to determine the anticipated length that they will live. It considers these categories: personal, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and family history. 

The greatest message that I received from hearing these stories was that you need to be active with something that you are passionate about. Here’s to finding and enjoying your passion in the service industry.