How to hustle; tips from a sanitation engineer

How to hustle; tips from a sanitation engineer

Have you ever left your house early in the dark, cold hours of morning to nearly miss a quickly moving trash collector? Last week, I took note of the extreme focus and hustle that was exerted by our local trash men. There was no casual walking from can to can as they appeared to be running at a  full sprint. I wondered about the motivation behind this engagement and did some research on the Internet.

I discovered that the garbage men start early to avoid causing traffic delays for commuters with their constant stops. This makes sense and allows them to take the trash to the landfills before they close.

In addition,  the waste management employees (who run an average of 20 miles per day) are able to get a full days pay no matter how early they finish their route.

Please post a comment on what incentives you provide to your sales people when they meet their goals early.

If only the hustle could be balanced with “carefulness” to prevent damaged trash containers.