How to create a signature cocktail list that will woo your customers

How to create a signature cocktail list that will woo your customers

A restaurant is only as good as its drinks. A solid cocktail can make all the difference in a customer’s experience in a restaurant. Furthermore, a signature cocktail menu can help with marketing the image of a restaurant, entice new customers and keep frequent customers coming back. Check out these tips when creating your exclusive list that will woo your clientele:

1. Know your customer.

Do you cater to a younger, laid-back crowd that will be more prone to following drink deals and specials? Or to a more sophisticated crowd, that rate expensive liquors and exotic garnishes over price? Creating signature cocktails can be a way to entice new guests into your establishment, so keep in mind the market in which you are promoting your drinks.

2. Create something fresh and unique. 

Your signature drinks should be something you cannot find anywhere else, and something that essentially embodies the vibe of your establishment. One method of achieving this is by mixing alcohols that may not seem intuitive, such as blending a blackberry or other sweet vodka with a port wine for an interesting drink. Experimenting with infusions can be another way to make your drink unique — all you need are glass jars, vodka and a selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, candy or other interesting morsels that might add flavor. Simply add your ingredients to your jars of vodka, and wait a week or two. 

3. Add perceived value. 

Guests want to feel as though they are getting their money’s worth, and adding perceived value makes your product worthy of a higher price. Customers consider the production value of a drink — it should not be something they can simply make in their kitchen at home. Rather, they should watch in awe as the bartender creates their concoction. Make the details count with garnishes that will add style to the drink, and choose your glassware wisely (make sure it translates the drink you are serving it in). If guests believe they can only find a drink of this kind at your bar, you have made the right impression.

4. Make it memorable.

You want your guests to have a memorable experience at your establishment, and the cocktail list is just the gateway. Choosing memorable drink names can give your customers a sense of curiosity about the drink before even tasting it. Ways of doing this are by putting a spin on a traditional drink name, like “Bloody Mary Jane,” or coming up with a completely nonsensical name to get people asking questions. Service is also key: Does your drink light on fire? Does it have some kind of special ice? Give the customer something to remember.