How to be happy (in your job)

How to be happy (in your job)

Earlier this year a survey came out that found nearly half of employees think about quitting. Concerns over salaries, workloads and bosses were the main reasons.

Years ago, I had the chance to buy an automatic transmission car from a relative for literally a steal. All of my cars prior to that point had been manual transmission vehicles, which I enjoyed tremendously.

While the newly acquired car had more features (sun roof, power windows, leather seats) than my five-speed stick transmission, it just wasn’t as fun to drive. I reminded my wife to not let me go crazy with another impulsive purchase of an automatic transmission car, no matter how great the options. The new car got me from point A to B, provided a safe and reliable drive, and was fuel efficient. What was missing was the “fun” aspect.

Are you in a position that gets you from point A to B, pays the bills, is safe and reliable, and doesn’t require you to expend too much of your personal fuel? Is it missing the “fun” factor?

My older manual transmission car was fun, and I looked forward to driving it every day, no matter how long the length of my commute. I enjoyed shifting gears and feeling in control of my driving experience.

I recently had the pleasure of watching fireworks during a customer event over a majestic lake in Georgia. One client turned to me and said, “We have the best jobs in the world.”

If you aren’t happy in your job, do something about it. Don’t fall for the features trap of a position that may pay more money or have a bigger title — do what you love to do with people you respect and admire. If you don’t find it immediately, don’t settle. Keep on looking for the fun factor, enjoy the ride and be in control of your own life driving experience.