How brands affect people

I will start by saying I am not a branding consultant, but brands have an effect on people. Most buying decisions are based on price and/or brand. Hotels are no different.

While walking through Chicago recently, hotel brands were very evident. Here’s what came to my mind as I saw the following:

  • Peninsula: Best hotel in town, with the highest price tag.
  • Palomar: Oh yeah, it’s a Kimpton, and the restaurant must be good.
  • Hard Rock: They have one here? I bet the nightlife is good.
  • Virgin: What is it going to look like and stand for?
  • Public: Schrager really knows the pulse of the trendsetters. This place is hopping.
  • Thompson: Moving west from New York City, or did they sell the company to someone?
  • Allerton: Can independents still make it in the big city?
  • Park Hyatt: Very sleek, and a great place to do business.
  • The Drake: Is that still Hilton International … I mean, Hilton Worldwide?
  • Marriott: If I have a big convention in Chicago I bet this place could handle it.
  • The Wit – A DoubleTree: Cool place with great F&B. What’s the deal with DoubleTree?
  • Waldorf: Attractive, but doesn’t look like the place I know in New York City.
  • Trump: I can see the Trump name on the building from 10 miles away. It probably has a lot of marble, gold and glass.
  • Langham: Is that a hotel, bank or apartment building?