Housekeeping week

September 13th is the start of International Housekeeping Week when all of us should be recognizing the ongoing efforts of our housekeeping teams. In my view, they personify the term “heart of the house” and contribute more to our success then we may typically acknowledge.  

It’s true that a warm greeting at the front door, an efficient and friendly check-in process plus a personable and knowledgeable bell person go a long way to setting up our guests for a great experience. But if the guestroom isn’t perfect when they arrive in it, then all the effort to that point goes for naught. 

Every year at this time, I publically remind my housekeeping team that I believe they have the hardest jobs in the hotel. Why? Because it’s not just about providing clean surroundings, it’s also about generating an environment that nurtures guests.  This takes more than training and commitment. It takes heart.