Hotel SP34: A grown-up hotel in Copenhagen

Almost three years ago I wrote a blog describing my stay at the young and hip Hotel Fox in Copenhagen.

After an adventurous night sleeping in a tent pitched inside the guestroom, I admitted that my youth was definitely over and there’s much to be said for a comfortable bed.

Now that it has reinvented itself with a makeover and the new name Hotel SP34, which certainly piqued my curiosity, I recently checked out this hotel again.

SP34 couldn’t be more different than its predecessor. It’s still under the same ownership, which remains dedicated to the hotel having a distinct style. However, the “artist’s hotel” is no more, and in its place we have a “designer’s hotel.” By comparison, it feels much more grown-up and pragmatic than Fox ever was. It’s adult enough to host an interior designer of 50-plus years who sometimes feels as young as a student but isn’t up to crawling in and out of a tent!

The interiors of SP34, like many an urban-designed retreat nowadays, are a bit of rough industrial chic mixed with high-quality furnishings and well executed details.

Lounge bar and reception
Lounge bar and reception

The hotel is elegant and somewhat distinguished, with fine metalwork, a pleasing color palette balanced with flattering greys, and great design ideas such as the bronzed brick sideboard in the lobby and buckskin leather handrails that lend a rustic touch. I particularly liked the guestroom headboards with their highly original and perfectly functioning design.

Unfortunately I was completely unaware of any staff presence during my stay at Hotel Fox. But this too has changed! The extremely friendly and helpful service provided by Karim Nielsen, CEO of Brøchner Hotels, as well as the property’s general manager and his team left me with a great impression of the hotel. 

I suspect my experience at Hotel Fox was similar to other guests’ visits — enjoyable for one night for the novelty value. However, I would happily return to SP34 during my next trip to Copenhagen.