‘Hotel-Lin-gent’ (working smart in the hospitality industry)

?Hotel-Lin-gent? (working smart in the hospitality industry)

If you’ve watched any television over the past three weeks, you have certainly heard of the phenomenon that is “Lin-sanity.” This refers to New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, who has been able to accomplish some amazing feats since coming off the bench for the team. 

Everyone is trying to understand how a relatively unknown player that was almost cut from the squad can score 136 points in his first five games (breaking a record that stood since 1976). 

Here are the life lessons I have learned from his achievements: 

  • Others placed low expectations on him (he ended up playing college ball at Harvard, as many other schools dismissed his abilities). Can you change the way people perceive you, or can you use how others’ view you to your advantage?
  • He is able to block outside pressure (which allows his true athletic skills to surface). Are you able to concentrate on the task at hand? Do you allow distractions to interfere with your efforts?
  • He focuses on what he wants to achieve rather than things he may have failed to do in the past. Are you focused on accomplishments instead of failures?
As 2012 is just getting into full swing, are you thinking about how you are going to make your numbers and achieve your goals, or are you complaining that your goals just got increased again? By thinking positively, working smart and identifying the items required for success, you will be able to move mountains and break records!