Hospitality in a hospital?

The next time you are feeling sad or sorry for yourself,  I encourage you to visit a hospital. Earlier this week, after my early cardiologist appointment, I did not have time to return back to the office to take my next conference call. As my doctor’s office was right across the street from the local hospital, I decided to take my call in the hospital’s cafeteria so I could be productive and get my morning coffee.

As I waited for the call to begin, I was able to observe others coming and going. I saw doctors and nurses dressed in their scrubs, playing games on their phones until their next scheduled appointment or surgery. I saw people leaving with newborn babies, thrilled with the anticipation of new life. I witnessed an elderly couple holding hands at their table after barely being able to enter the area with walkers. I saw hope and happiness at the same time I saw worry and concern.

The hospital workers did not appear to be worried, as this was simply another day on the job for them. They were comfortable and confident while the patients and family members may have been scared. Watching the hospital employees interact made me feel that a hospital did not have to be such a terrifying place — they were regular people who texted on their breaks, ate donuts for breakfast and joked accordingly. The greatest thing I witnessed was their genuine care for others.

I left the hospital cafeteria with a new appreciation for nurses, doctors and my current good health.

MPD: Continue to remember the positive things in your life today.