Hopeful signs

Hopeful signs

My father delivered the keynote address at ALIS this week amid hopeful signs that hotel development is starting to regain traction. In addition to the keynote, he is meeting with a group of developers and investors who are interested in the potential of doing deals for new hotels. (In fact, among the positive indicators that conference organizer Jim Burba reported on day one of ALIS is that 53% of attendees expect more hotel construction money to be available this year.) 

As the industry works through the recession and begins to adjust to a new normal, it is strengthened by lessons learned while buffeted by the economic downturn:

  • The relationship between delivering true value and fostering guest loyalty through the tough times as well as the good
  • The line between nice-to-haves and must-haves in creating the desired guest experience
  • The wisdom of value engineering to drive efficiency
  • A greater emphasis on strategic vs. rapid growth
  • The value of a strong point of view to differentiate your brand
  • The importance of continuous improvement of product and service to remain ahead of competition
  • The need for consistency of product to breed brand loyalty
  • A long-term outlook that sees past the turbulence to smoother sailing ahead
Also at ALIS, my father met with members of the press to discuss developments with our brand, including a unique loyalty program we are about to launch. I’ll have more on that in a future blog.

Here’s to optimism in 2012.