As hoteliers, we’re adept at making honeymooners feel welcome. We routinely upgrade the happy couple and have chilled Champagne and chocolates waiting in their room. But let’s face it — as lovely as these gestures are, they are almost expected these days. Even a scattering of rose petals across the bed, or a candle-lit bath, feels a bit routine. But with a little creative thinking, a few connections and in some cases advance sleuthing, we can take honeymoon amenities to a new level and create individualized experiences the couple will treasure. A few ideas from my own musings on the topic:

•  Welcome the newlyweds with an in-suite floral display using the same type of flowers as the bridal bouquet. (She’ll notice!)
•  Preload an iPod with music from the reception playlist.
•  Another in-room welcome: print personalized calling cards/stationery with the couple’s names.
•  Privately contact each of the betrothed beforehand to set up a surprise for the other.
•  Arrange for a chef consultation followed by an in-suite cooking lesson to create a romantic dinner that blends both of the new spouses’ favorite foods; send the happy couple home with recipes.
•  Set up a picnic under the stars in an out-of-the-way spot — in a quiet corner of a park, beach or rooftop.
•  Have the couple meet with a custom perfumer to create a fragrance together.
•  Arrange a private, behind-the-scenes tour of one of your destination’s top spots.
•  Treat the newlyweds to dinner-in-bed (have fun with this — think easy-to-share finger foods) and provide a stack of movies.
•  On their final night, deliver a handwritten note from the general manager with an invitation to return to celebrate their first anniversary night, on the house.

I hope these ideas serve as inspirational fodder for your own, and I’d love to hear what your hotel does to make honeymooners feel special. Please share!