Holiday munching spearheads new office trend

Let’s face it: the holidays can easily derail one’s diet. Holiday treats appear daily and without warning in many places of business — in the break room, at the front desk, in the executive office — no place is off limits!

So, it comes as no surprise the experts are recommending the following: indulge by allowing yourself one treat per day, but have a plan of attack ready. For many, this is easier said than done, but the theory does give you something to look forward to while setting limits to those tempting snack-attack moments. 

The flip side of the holiday snacking trend is the polar-opposite routine of “office-friendly exercising.” During my Q4 visits to chain headquarters, I have noticed an increase in workstations equipped with ergonomically correct seating and colorful oversized exercise balls.

Developing a stronger core and better lumbar support is the thrust behind these seating options, and when you combine this, my observations in the field and the overall improved interest in “living well,” I am confident we will see an upswing in new and improved workstations in 2015.

Allow me to leave you with some food for thought: food often brings us together, and it shouldn’t always be viewed as the enemy. Like many trends, holiday office snacking is about moderation and finding the balance between indulging and treating yourself to wellness. 

If you have plans to change your current desk and chair or workstation into a model that improves your multi-tasking capabilities by incorporating exercising, I’d love to hear about what you’re doing!