Hilton reinvention continues

Hilton reinvention continues

Hilton Worldwide?s move from Beverly Hills to McLean, Virginia, seems to be more about a strategy to reinvent the company culture than anything else.

Further evidence of this was revealed this week when I visited the Hilton hotel right across the road from its headquarters to get a sneak peek at the refreshed design of the core brand. I liked what I saw, especially in the lobby with different zones to meet, hang out and have that Starbucks-like community experience. There are different heights and types of seating areas, interesting uses of color and light, and a ton of TVs. I would hang out there to work, have a coffee, a nosh and just soak up the passing scene. I do like my lobbies and I like what Hilton has created.

The brand has a cleaner guestroom design and multiple restaurant concept options available to developers with an eye on not only keeping hotel guests inside for F&B, but a plan to attract locals with more trendy menus.

I also took note this week of Hilton?s luxury and lifestyle boss John Vanderslice?s?Luxury Manifesto? now hosted on Conrad?s Facebook page. He is admirably trying to use social media and video to show how the company is on the cutting edge, maybe even trying a little too hard and throwing in too many clich?s about the state of luxury hotelkeeping and how Hilton is keeping up with the needs of its evolving customer base. Nonetheless, I give Vanderslice credit for getting the word out about Hilton’s luxury and lifestyle brands and using the likes of Tommy Hilfiger to share thoughts on the state of luxury.

Lastly, I learned about Hilton?s plan for the lifestyle segment once another two-plus years pass and it is free again to reintroduce a brand after the court-imposed ban in light of the Denizen debacle and lawsuit. Apparently, Hilton is spending its down time working very hard to perfect a prototype and concept it considers ?small urban? that is positioned somewhere between the Conrad and core Hilton brand.

And the beat goes on.