Hello Alexa. Bring home the bacon, tacos, burgers and fries!

Move over UberEATS, GrubHub, Munchery and Postmates. There’s a new player on your turf! Leave it up to Alexa, Amazon’s wondergirl who inspired the Seattle based e-commerce giant to launch a voice-ordering option, as she’s proving herself well in 20 cities. 

Amazon Restaurants is the division where Prime members can order food from a number of restaurants hands- and hassle-free. Although Alexa cannot accept complicated orders such as “hold the onion,” “make the burger bunless” or “soy versus half ‘n’ half,” she can easily take a reorder of a meal you’ve previously placed.

Members of the company’s subscription program, Prime Now (which includes free two-day shipping on more than 20 million items in the Amazon marketplace), can ask Alexa to order from Amazon Restaurants by saying a restaurant name or cuisine type. For example, “Alexa, order sushi from Amazon Restaurants,” and the customer pays only for their food – meaning there there isn’t a delivery fee beyond their US$99 annual Prime membership.

Alexa will pull a customer’s order history from a “specified restaurant or cuisine type” and list the meal options available for reorder. The selected meal is then sent for delivery to a customer’s default address. Once an order is placed, Amazon delivery partners will deliver the food in an hour or less, and customers can utilize the Amazon Restaurant website or mobile app to track their delivery in real time.

It’s a no-brainer, and given the number and range of devices Alexa is available on (everything from speakers to fridges to phones to cars), the chances of this voice-activated dinner service going mainstream is extremely strong. In fact, dare I predict the same service may transcend in the future for hotel room reservations? You must admit, ordering on the run is a lot easier than dialing a phone or going online.