Hearts of Montage: Charity done right

This isn’t anything revolutionary, but it’s executed to perfection. Montage Hotels & Resorts’ Hearts of Montage package is a quintessential example of how to incorporate philanthropic ventures into your overall revenue stream. The offer is simple for the guest to appreciate: Book with Montage, and 10% of the room rate fee is donated to charity.

And simplicity is what’s on full display here. Hearts of Montage, the company’s associate volunteer program, has an earnest and catchy name. The package itself is straightforward, providing daily breakfasts and complimentary parking — nothing esoteric or extraneous. And no extra work is required from the buyer; the donation is already a part of the bill. Plus, the organization’s website has a crisp design that clearly spells out exactly what the program is about, with projects both local and abroad.

All told, this is a fluid extension of the Montage brand and a model to emulate. We are all well aware that corporate social responsibility is a popular conceit for the modern hotel industry, and indeed, many customers look specifically for brands that are engaged in this manner. Montage goes a step above in that it makes its charitable cause incredibly visible to the consumer and fully integrated with the core brand.

“Many of our guests are passionately committed to charity, and they care deeply that we are similarly committed. The feedback from our guests that book the Hearts of Montage package, and from the charity organizations themselves, shows that it has a terrific impact,” says Hermann Elger, GM of the Montage Beverly Hills. “I am proud to support such philanthropy, and even more proud of how actively involved our associates are in championing these causes. Our associates truly embrace our value of supporting the communities in which we do business, and Hearts of Montage is the best example of those values in practice.”

It’s not just something done on the side, but its name (which has the hotel’s name in it) and the corresponding package are simple for consumers to grasp and act upon. Easy to understand makes it easy to be altruistic, leading to a higher retention rate among consumers and thus imparting a greater brand reputation. In its ideal state, this program structure also encourages customers to book directly with the hotel, and it propagates the brand perception as a contributing member of the community.

Does your property have a charitable cause? If so, think about how you can simplify and streamline it for your overall brand perception. If not, why not begin today? Better results will surely follow.