Health, happiness and organization in 2014

Now that we are a couple weeks into 2014, I am curious as to how you are doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

According to my research, there are four top goals that tend to make everyone’s list year after year: health, happiness, career success and relationship fulfillment. May I suggest adding one more to the list for you to focus on this year? Organization!

How many unread emails do you currently have in your inbox? How many folders do you have set up in your inbox? Our minds today are filled with so many things (work-related concerns, family-related items, relationship challenges) that it may be easier to think more quickly if we had less “clutter” on our minds. If you have not referenced a particular folder within your email system in a year, delete it! Similarly, if you have not worn a shirt in your closet for over a year, discard it or give it away!

Someone once told me during a cleansing and purging of their home that they threw away anything they hadn’t used in a year that could be repurchased at Target. Keep the photo albums and the great memories, but for goodness sakes, get rid of the burned cookie sheet in your cabinet and the Star Wars coffee mug. Target just happens to have both on sale this week!

MPD: Minimize “junk” for more effective thinking.