Headboard wake-up call

Headboard wake-up call

The bed. It’s been the star of the guestroom for over a decade thanks to the impressive eye-candy bedding appearing in homes and hotels. However, the new bedding buzz and focal design point in the bedroom has shifted to the headboard. With many beds wearing all-white ensembles, perhaps with a colorful runner or throw, the inspiration for this key piece of furniture can easily be found online, in magazines or on display at retail.  

The challenge of any remodel project, especially bedrooms — small or large, home or commercial — is being able to finish what you start. This is why it’s wise to look ahead to interpret the next round of furniture trends so you don’t fall victim to “cookie-cutter remodel syndrome.” Naturally, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and when it comes to transformation — in this case the headboard — the results are impactful when a jaw-dropping piece is involved, especially if it’s something a guest simply won’t forget! 

Available in countless shapes, sizes, finishes and colors, the new headboard falls under the bigger-is-better philosophy. 

In most cases, incorporating the new-generation, plus-sized headboard means you will probably need to eliminate something else — possibly a loveseat or table. Remember, when it comes to a powerful backdrop, especially one encompassing an entire wall, less is more when it comes to the total number of pieces in the bedroom or guestroom.

Tufted headboards — the latest using clean lines and spectacular fabrics — are a good option because tufted exteriors are diverse enough to blend with an array of design modes. 

Although elegant and comfortable to sit up in, the wingback wraparound styles — borrowed from the wingback chair silhouette — magnify the overall size of the bed. 

Wingbacks can be tufted — or not — with or without wood trim or decorative nail heads. Due to their bulkiness and visual density, this is a powerful style to work into an oversized spacious room, especially if the room is longing for a focal point. 

If you’re creatively adventurous and the ceilings above the bed are relatively low, using an oversized painting (canvas) or having a backdrop painted on the wall is dramatic ( and ideal for boutique properties, smaller inns or B&Bs). Improvising the pattern from a fabric, recreating local scenery or going technically edgy by recreating a bar code — the possibilities are limitless. 

And if oversized, wingback, tufted, paintings or murals just aren’t impactful enough for your goals, there is always the raw beauty of nature. Using an ancient redwood tree headboard no doubt will generate a few awe-inspiring impressions.  

But if not, you can always opt out of the entire headboard project and simply upcycle your unused pillow inventory!