Have you made the switch?

Details. Details. Details. Finishing touches have never been so prominent — or on trend — to the point that “turning ordinary into extraordinary” has never resonated more!

Cutting to the chase, light switches can make or break a room and should no longer enter the mind as an additional task or investment after painting! Why? These small yet important fixtures will instantly take the wind out of your upgrade sail, especially, in the smaller confines of a standard guestroom!

Whether in a room or lobby, or residential, it’s all about leaving no stone unturned or, in more precise terms, leaving no architectural feature underutilized. I recently witnessed a few showrooms at the Accessory Marts spearheading their own campaign to improve the state of older switch plates.

In fact, very little has changed, as most are still rectangular in shape, but the newer versions have minor perks such as digital clocks that illuminate, hints of flair such as rounded edges or an array of metal finishes. And rarely is a screw visible!

The switch trend isn’t about decorating or displaying a version you’d expect to see on Pinterest or Etsy, but rather, to just update. It’s a great wake-up call. In fact, it prompted me to take note during my last four overnights as I witnessed three of the four properties (which, ironically, had undergone room renovations), skipped the plate update. Whether designed to tap, touch or be waved at, switches or dimmer details are key!

Hopefully this post has provided you with a wake-up call too, just in case the switch plate stone went unturned in one of your properties.