Have a midlife crisis today

Why wait until you are 50 to do what you want to do? As longevity increases with advancements in technology and medicine, you may just be around until age 90 — or longer.

You may have heard of men, when they hit the half-century mark, resorting to purchases of sports cars, summer homes and hair transplants.

Why wait? Start an exercise program today if you want to get healthy. Don’t wait until you are 30 pounds overweight.

Take a class on how to speak a second language and then go visit a country where you can use your new skill.

Become an artist and look for places in your backyard that inspire you to capture moments in paint.

Buy that Corvette today, write a book or take a trip of a lifetime!

Do today what you have dreams of doing when you turn 50. For many of us, that goal is not too far away.

I recently met with a former college buddy, and we realized it has been 25 years since we graduated from Penn State. We teased each other that we both looked older (and heavier) than we did at State College but agreed that maybe this was okay. The gray in our hair shows we’ve seen, lived and experienced.

His sales team is young and needs his advice and guidance. He knows many of the answers because he riddled the same situations before. Even his general manager is much younger than the both of us. 

We may not have the president titles we once sought or a massive fortune stockpiled in our banks, but we left our gathering satisfied. We both are happy, healthy and have great families. 

Go ahead and buy that Corvette if you need to, but make sure your home life is the most important investment of your life!

MPD: Live life today, not tomorrow.