Happy returns

This business advice column speaks to the soulful side of business. It is designed for companies and individuals that want to excel, stand out, and realize ROWM: A Return on What Matters. It is based on the book from the business superhero The Profit Prophet. Please send your questions (which may be anonymous) to


Dear Profit Prophet,

The concept of Return on What Matters (ROWM) sounds interesting. How exactly do you define it? Different things matter to different people.


Dear Interested,

ROWM is an approach to create happy stakeholders — inspired, and coming back for more. 

While the experience may be different for each stakeholder, there are certain key values beyond the obvious in every interaction. The desired outcome may be different for each, but the needs are the same. Generally owners want profits and values carried out, customers want great value and experience, and employees want something beyond a paycheck that values who they are as an individual.

The majority of people want to know they matter and feel special. Our approach is to have these present in every interaction. When it is in place, the return to the business and all who touch it is multifold.