Guest-provided décor

Marketers spend countless hours looking for ways to engage their audience, and now event planners are following suit. And they are doing so in a manner that many marketing executives have been extremely successful with — by creating interactive settings to engage guests!

The latest round of trends hitting the “event biz” provides an opportunity for attendees to create the scenery and décor. Think about it. With event companies being judged in the same manner designers are — by the visual impact their finished venue projects on guests — imagine the results that would be generated by inviting guests to handle the task themselves! And how, you ask? By distributing paint cans, chalk and markers and an invitation for your guests to paint, draw and create as their hearts desire!

Let’s take a look at a few events that have bought into this enjoyable and effective trend.

To highlight an event focused on children and fundraising for a charter school, one gala had giant chalkboards set up in the reception area of a convention center that were pre-sketched with local landmarks and iconic scenes. During the event, guests added their own designs with chalk provided in bowls on the cocktail tables.

During a past New York Fashion Week, a famous designer reopened a store with a bigger-than-expected bash. So in order to allow more than 500 guests to move around freely, a black tent was erected directly outside the store and turned into an interactive graffiti room! Guests used spray paints to “tag” oversized LED screens that were attached to walls built inside the tent!

An affair created in partnership with a vodka company unveiling a new campaign invited guests to create the night’s décor using paint and brushes. Guests were provided with lab coats, goggles and gloves to protect their clothes from the creative tasks taking place in the “All-White Room Event.”

Now it’s your turn. Would your property be open to inviting guests to create an element of décor or add their own personal touches within one of your venues — possibly a lobby wall? Or, has your property engaged guests with a creative interactive setting or concept?  If so, we’d love to hear about it!