Got soul?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “soulful” as “full of or expressing deep feeling.” I think businesses can energize revenues and retention by getting a little bit of that soul moving through the real estate.

You know your organization simmers with soul when:

  • Guests and staff can be heard laughing together.
  • Random celebration occurs in each department and as a team for no reason.
  • Guest speakers at meetings include line employees.
  • As a leader, you’re not boring yourself. 
  • Leaders occasionally invite employees to follow them around for a day. (This is great internal PR. You think your team knows what you do? Ha! You will gain a ton or respect from them, word will spread on your authenticity and you will gain from their questions and insight. Really!)
  • Heads of departments occasionally show up at shift huddles other than their own to inform and thank.
  • You’ve replaced guestroom housekeeping carts with carts that go inside the room. There’s just no soul in laundry and trash in a cart on wheels for all to see. Paradigms are funny things: We don’t leave our kitchen trimmings at the restaurant maitre’d stand, but garbage in the halls is apparently acceptable. Why? Another case of process obstructing experience. 
  • You have at least one community project going per quarter.
  • The sales team actually goes to the heart of the house and interacts with the operating departments.
  • James Brown kicks off Mondays in the laundry room
  • Everyone is smiling. 

And finally, I recommend leaving the plastic and silk plants in places far out of reach. When plastic greets your guests in the lobby, it’s like hanging a sign that says “Enjoy at your own risk. There’s just no soul here.”

Smiling big, Nanci