Good for the game

In the U.S., many Americans are consumed with the annual ritual of the National Football League’s championship tournament, the Super Bowl. My father, a college player before the face mask or most protective gear was invented, who coached boys on the gridiron for most of my years growing up, has a saying about the play on the field that I reflect on often. “Let the game be good for the game,” he repeats for big contests as well as weekly games.

Those of us playing on the field of tourism – travel and hospitality – might well adopt my dad’s optimism. We are often so charged with beating the competition that we forget that the better our competition, the better we should all rise to the occasion. When there are no scandals and tragedies to hijack the headlines and when everyone exceeds expectations with a healthy respect for the competition, our guests benefit and all of our employees benefit, and it is good for travel from a media perspective. Let 2015 be good for the game of travel and tourism.