Good community partnering

Locating a boutique property within an established community — whether urban, suburban, rural or, in our case, a master-planned community — requires a good sense of … well … community. What we’ve learned in locating a second Mirbeau within an already established community has really helped ease the way as newcomers:

  • Though we had a strong sense of our brand and our product, rather than going into a new community thinking we had all the answers, we spent a great deal of time asking questions and listening to our partners, getting their best thinking based on their experience.
  • This approach quickly created an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, which in effect expanded the brain power behind our pre-opening strategy.
  • It also allowed us to pave the way for open and collaborative communications among our operations team and theirs as well as our marketing team and theirs.
  • It gave us a virtual presence “on the ground” long before we located permanent employees there. Our community partners became our eyes and ears on a daily basis, identifying and even creating opportunities for us to be successful.

In addition, the collaboration has fostered an atmosphere of creativity and mutual brainstorming of ideas — a true sense of partnership — and a certainty that we have each other’s backs. In the pressure of pre-opening, you really can’t ask for more than that.

I welcome your thoughts and reports of similar experiences.