Going above (snowdrifts) and beyond (puddles)

Yesterday morning in Manhattan, amidst snow, slush and frozen puddles, I witnessed a doorman go a block around the corner to find a cab for a guest who was heading to the airport. 

Instead of directing it to his hotel, he jumped in the back seat and rode with the taxi to the entrance of the hotel where the guest was waiting. In the meantime, the doorman’s colleague went inside to grab a to-go coffee for the traveler. 

Brilliant and all done to help someone, without expectation of a tip! How often have you seen wads of dollar bills displayed encouraging “employee tips” at venues in which many services are self-executed anyway? This pair teamed up to make a guest feel comfortable and taken care of.

I heard a comedian joke recently about how he took a dollar from a tip jar when he was encouraged to pour his own coffee, pack his own purchases, scan his own credit card, etc., at a place formerly known for providing these services to customers.

Do you have any examples to share about a time when you witnessed someone making the extra effort without regard for anything in return? What motivates you to go “above and beyond” for others?

This week's snowstorm in Manhattan (DeShaun Craddock via Flickr)
This week’s snowstorm in Manhattan (DeShaun Craddock via Flickr)