Giving to get in 2012

Giving to get in 2012

As the holiday season concludes, the promise of a bright New Year is here. I am happy to report since my last blog post that I did not receive any canned goods for the holidays this year from my mother! 

On Christmas Day, the majority of U.S. stores and restaurants were closed to allow their employees to celebrate with their families. In Pittsburgh, we have now made it a tradition to visit Sheetz (essentially a gas station on steroids) to receive a cup of their coffee and hot chocolate, which is offered free all day on Christmas.

The store is packed with happy patrons purchasing the desperately needed gallon of milk or the daily paper. What I noticed is that while some people took Sheetz up on their offer for free coffee, the majority walked away with many additional things in hand to show their appreciation for the store’s generosity. Normally, Snyder’s Potato Chips isn’t on the menu for 9 a.m. on a Sunday, but we felt a little obligated to repay somehow.

During our Christmas celebration, my mother organized a swap gift game. The end had a twist in which you could give your gift to someone that you felt would enjoy it. As I had no need for a girl’s hat, I gladly gave it to my niece. My wife offered up her present of a hockey stick to my nephew. My mom tried to instill the importance of “giving” and ended up giving money to those who did not keep their own present.

In the service business, we give daily … and hopefully we give because it is the right thing to do and we have a passion toward making others comfortable and happy. When we provide the best service possible, it does come back to us in the form of loyal customers and client referrals.

I’m wishing everyone the happiest New Year with the anticipation of great returns from your heartfelt efforts to satisfy others!