Giving things away to make money

Giving things away to make money

On Saturday, I had to have my car inspected. Behind the auto shop was a brushless car wash. In the past, I never paid much attention to the car wash because of its location (you can’t see if from the main highway). While my car was being worked on, I walked around the area and noticed this:

If you can’t tell by the photo, it is a free vacuum cleaner. How many times have you run into the convenience store to buy some sunflower seeds simply so you could receive three quarters in change to pay for the vacuum? I don’t believe they ever received much revenue from these simple machines from the beginning and the cost to provide centralized sucking air was probably minimal. Word has already spread through my neighborhood that this location offers free vacuum cleaners. Three of my neighbors have gone there to get car washes and use the convenience store. Additionally, the threat of theft also existed with the old coin machines.

As a hotelier, what services are you now charging for that don’t bring in much revenue? Would you be able to increase the revenue for other areas of your operation if you offered certain items complimentary? Could providing complimentary parking  to increase your bar revenue? 

Please POST examples of what you have offered complimentary to increase revenues for your hotel or restaurant. The BEST idea will win a congratulatory mention in a future posting!