Giving thanks

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, first giving thanks for what they have, and then — unfortunately and ironically — too many head to the stores that now open just after dinner to consume what they don’t have.

Most of us pause during this holiday to reflect about our lives and gather with the important people in it. I will go to my parents’ house (67 years together, bless them) with my children and a few other members of my small family to eat turkey and sweet potatoes. We will watch American football, laugh and play with the kids before heading back home for a long weekend.

Before the festivities begin, allow me to offer thanks to the readers of HOTELS, HOTELS’ Investment Outlook and for supporting us these many years. I encourage you to keep reading, and please send me ideas on what else we should cover to improve our offering. In our never-ending desire to improve, you will see some new ideas generated in print as well as online in the year ahead.

I am thankful for my dedicated editorial team (Ann, Nathan and Dani), my supportive colleagues here in the Chicago office and even to my affable brethren (Dennis, Ed, Steph, Jeff, Glenn and others) in the industry. I am thankful for my great group of global sources and contacts, the supportive PR folks, the analysts and consultants around the world who offer us fodder and grist for the mill.

And I am grateful for true hoteliers, who always impress with me with their ability to parachute into new cultures and manage with dignity, style and grace. You are a passionate bunch who live your craft in good times and bad, providing shelter and sustenance as part of the world’s oldest profession. I am proud to work among you innkeepers, and I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful business.