Getting personal

Across all industries, the new year marks a time to research new trends to incorporate into business strategies and approaches. Here in the hospitality industry, we look to trend reports as a way to stay relevant, and 2014 is no different.

This year, it seems personalization is a popular trend for the luxury sector as many hotels look to meet expectations for customizing and curating experiences. Personalization can be effective for boutique hotels all the way up to large resort chains as long as you’re asking the right questions about guest needs, staying observant and collecting information, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Simple tasks such as delivering a special amenity up to the room for a celebration or adding an extra water bottle in the room each night because you see they constantly call for more water will make guests feel they are valuable to you.

At our destination spa in Sedona, we customize each guest’s itinerary to suit their needs. By doing this, we’re able to show the guest that we care and want to ensure the best time for them. We do similar customizations at the spa’s café. If someone does not see what they want on the menu or if they have a special dietary concern, our chef can prepare something just for them.

It is important for all hoteliers to keep personalization as a top priority this year to attract return guests. Return guests at our Sedona resort also enjoy special welcome gifts depending on the number of times they’ve visited. From stocking specific items in a minibar to preparing special arrival amenities that parallel a guest’s taste, we try to make each return guest feel that we thought about their arrival and attended to it with care and forethought.

What are you doing to make your repeat guests feel valued?