Getting old …

Previously I wrote a blog post about the dreams of my youth and how old my “dream hotel” had become since then. Although I too have become older, I believe I have developed — whereas the hotel has not. I did find it quite amusing though, as the aspects that hadn’t changed since the 1970s made it feel charming to me. But since then I have stayed in other hotels that have aged without anyone bothering to change or improve them at all, which I find rather sad. Of course I understand that a hotel has to make a profit, and that it can’t all be spent on renovations — especially if it doesn’t earn enough to cover this expense.

So I have included pictures of two different 4-star hotels I have stayed in recently. One is close to Milan, where I had to stay for the Furniture Fair as all other hotels were fully booked, and the other one is in the middle of Germany. One is a very big international brand and the other one is privately operated. But both of them looked so sad to me: worn-out, dilapidated, out-of-fashion — they have been treated without care.

I can only imagine that guests must stay at these hotels for one of two reasons — the price is extremely cheap and/or no other hotel is available. Not that I only stay in luxury hotels; I also like small, private bed-and-breakfasts in the countryside!

But here we have two examples (drawn from a pool of millions) of hotels that have been built with an alternative view of a 4-star level, since as time has passed nobody has cared about them. Naturally I would assume that housekeeping cleans every day, but the process of getting older does demand a fresh color of paint, new carpet, some polishing and perhaps new lamps from time to time. From my professional point of view, I would prefer a complete renovation after five years! However in these properties no improvements have been made for several years — and to me they look like an elderly lady that still has to wear her old mini-skirt from the 70s because she has not had any money to buy new clothes.

Maybe these properties never made enough profit to be modernized, but without any renovation they have become an awkward, morbid symbol of times gone by. Personally, I would prefer to stay in a tent (although I have not done so in 30 years) than in hotels like this!