Get yer muse on

A muse is defined as someone who inspires an artist. I believe all of us who are up to excellence in a unique way are inspiring artists. We may not always have the aesthetic focus, but we certainly are adept at creating something of distinction. I am not talking to the mediocre of heart here. I am speaking to those of you who wish to bring something of beauty and value into the world.

My friend Holly Stiel speaks internationally on the “Art of the Concierge.” I often refer to the “Art of Hospitality.” The question is: What brings art into the mix?

Answer: A desire to create something profound requires love, passion, inspiration, risk and detail. 

Application: Source the gifted artists already among you (not just the obvious ones), and interview future employees for the kind of talent that will make a difference. When you recognize people’s individuality and gifts by honoring their uniqueness, you turn up the energy, amp up your retention and create distinction in the overall experience. Try some of these questions during the assessment or “inner”view process.

Love: What do you love about this business? What drives you absolutely mad when it’s absent?

Passion: What do you want to be your legacy to be professionally? What will assist you? What could stop you?

Muse: Who in your life inspires you regardless of whether you have met them or not? Why? What have you captured from them and turned into your own?

Risk: What do you think your personal stamp/gift is in this world? (What do you love to do?) How do you translate that professionally? What does “best in class” mean to you?

Detail: How do people feel the vibe from what you do? How do you make things special? What do you insist upon?

Ask for examples of each in the above. This goes for leaders, managers and hourly artists.

By your hand, you will turn your team into your muse.