Get out of my inbox, PLEASE!

Get out of my inbox, PLEASE!

Each day I receive approximately 150 e-mails from colleagues, clients and industry friends. After moving into my new role, I found that it was necessary to eliminate as many unsolicited e-mails as possible. The ones that bother me tremendously come from those salespeople that act like they know me and include some type of enticing subject line that makes me just have to open it.  

Just this morning I received a message sent to me referencing a role that I had seven years ago.  

Here are a few other e-mail subject lines I received this week: 

“It Was a Memorable Experience: US Travel Study on Culinary Tourists” 
The message starts off saying, “Hi, in case you were curious, this is XYZ with ABC Research Company.” However, I am not curious.

“Don’t miss out! Only 4 more days left to register” 
For a conference that has nothing to do with me or my industry. 

If I don’t want to receive any more of these e-mails, it then becomes my responsibility to take more time out of my day to send them a message asking to remove me from future correspondence or to click on a link that prompts me with more questions ? like, “Am I sure?” ? before allowing me to opt out of the messages.

Know your customer. If you are selling convenience, focus on customers wanting convenience. If you are representing a luxury product, sell to those desiring luxury. Do the research in advance to find out if your product or service is appropriate for them. You may not always earn business, but you will earn respect.