Get down to earth and grow up

Vertical gardens: check. Living walls: check. Sky farms? Call it what you may! It seems like only yesterday creating a living wall was both labor-intensive and expensive. Between the cost for the multiple layers of materials required to prevent water damage and the complex irrigation structures, vertical gardens were not for the faint of heart. However, times have changed, and with the rise of their popularity (partially thanks to the drought-tolerant succulent trend, which is the best plant option for wall rookies), home owners and commercial environments are gardening vertically whenever, however and with whatever!

Living walls have become so popular (the reason related supplies are now easier and affordable to source, let alone a no-brainer to build), it was only a matter of time before the new wall hybrids started popping up — the most stunning and elaborate floral walls one could imagine as well as edible vertical veggie gardens!

Hotels are getting in on the action. Recently I encountered a chain that was so enamored with living walls and how it could differentiate itself from what its competitor was doing, it seriously contemplated the trend — not for outdoor use, but for guestrooms! Besides being attractive, plants do have several more pros than cons in helping to purify the air and absorb sound, and some go as far to claim there is an actual positive psychological effect when one is exposed to indoor plants! 

Stunning orchid walls are one of the most natural, spectacular visuals, especially when used as a backdrop to your front desk or main entrance. Another idea to think about while your wall is being built is to design with portability in mind. Four wheels later, and you have a very versatile fixture. And while the colors and flower options are endless, the wall on wheels is an ideal a la carte prop for your sales staff to up-sell to your wedding, corporate event or exhibitor guests. 

No matter your climate or space limitations, this easy-to-grow trend is worth every weed! Now … If only the walls could talk!