Futuristic seating

A major flashback moment recently took me back to the metal-framed, glass-top-table era — a trend so popular in U.S. homes and hotels, it actually gave the brass iron bed an excellent race to the finish line!

Metal is back, but in lieu of shiny chrome and brass tubular table bases, it’s about one metal seat or a few stools. The new look is easy to adopt and works in most spaces, whether traditional, formal, modern, classic or a mishmash of this and that. Retailers such as Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie have boosted sales of metal accessories and furniture by pairing the pieces with reclaimed wood walls, flooring or furniture in order to tap into a warmer-versus-futuristic statement.

The beauty of metal this time around is that one piece is all that is needed to add pop and sizzle to a room. The metal options are endless — from high sheens, industrial, futuristic, medieval, perforated sheets of metal to chain links. There is a seat for any guest! Although functional, these benches, stools or chairs are no longer reserved for seating only, as they can be multi-purpose when positioned as a dynamic focal point in your lobby. More often than not, the investment will run the fraction of an expensive piece of art and will generate an equal amount of visual impressions!  

If your lobby leans towards the traditional, I would recommend something like the Basket Bench.

For boutique properties, I’d consider a space-age quilted lounge chair. 

And if cleaner, edgier lines are of interest, a perforated aluminum single-sheet chair is both inventive and distinctive.

A modern lobby bar setting would be ideal for the sleek hourglass interlocking Meme Stools, which upon first glance resemble a set of dumbbells!

And if your happy hour space is craving something fun and playful, take a look at the Silla Cloud Pod, which resembles a shiny cluster of grapes!

Regardless of what you see or how conservative, traditional or safe your design aura may be, guests are looking for anything but basic. And I can’t think of a better way to liven up a space and generate lasting guest impressions than one of these metal seats!