Fully inclusive of room without a view

Some 10 years ago, we introduced a weekend leisure promotion in a hotel with a great restaurant to fill difficult Saturday nights in a commercial location with almost no leisure market. If you had dinner for two and paid for two breakfasts then the room was complimentary. It proved to be successful in the leisure market and to this day is still a major marketing tool in that particular hotel. It was a tactical move and a bit of a gimmick at the time.
Things have moved on in the UK and it is with interest that we now read of chefs who are developing restaurants with rooms. This is a real focus and we predict a  new potential and successful residential segment. It is of course, like many innovations, not original but has a substance with well thought through dimensions and a market appeal. Rick Stein has rooms in his great fish restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall. Even further back in time Michel Roux developed a room product at the magnificent and beautiful Waterside restaurant in Bray in Berkshire. Both of these examples do have great locations. Some of the newer developments may not.
The difference today is that there seems to be a real effort to focus on the cuisine, the chef, the experience and the reason to be there. In time this could revolutionize the developers maxim location, location, location. It will give a new emphasis to the meaning of celebrity chef and assist locations that have, for whatever reason, become stressed.
As driving motor cars becomes ever more perilous with legislation and overcrowding spending a few days eating your favorite foods does have an appeal. The experience in house will be the marketing message.
Just how big this segment becomes remains to be seen. It will also be interesting to understand to what extent the food can become the only real central attraction.
Is this moving in the U.S., and what do you think is the potential?