From disconnect to seamless guest experience

From disconnect to seamless guest experience

My previous blog explored the too-common disconnect between leased outlets and a hotel’s service culture, using as a case study an operations assessment I recently completed for a Manhattan hotel. In this post, I’ll take you through the recommendations I made to that hotel’s owner in order to unify the service approach and create a more seamless guest experience. They included:
  • Require the managers of all leased outlets to attend the hotel’s weekly department head meeting, sales meeting, forecast meetings and safety committee meetings.
  • Require the general manager or another member of the executive team to attend all relevant food and beverage meetings and participate in discussion of procedural issues, menu selection and pricing.
  • Initiate a regularly scheduled catering meeting and put in place procedures regarding the handling of banquet inquiries and site inspections.
  • Require staff of all leased outlets to participate in a hotel orientation program.
  • Schedule quarterly information meetings with all leased outlet personnel to convey hotel happenings and to solicit feedback on guest comments.
Though many of my suggestions were, in fact, already defined in the conditions of the hotel’s various leases, there was no enforcement or oversight. I convinced the owner to empower the general manager in this capacity. 

My goal in implementing these procedures was to erase the barriers between the hotel’s management team and its leased outlets that had been artificially established by the “deal makers.” You’ll ask if any of this had an impact on the hotel’s bottom line. Tell me what you think.