Fresh hotel concepts

I had lunch earlier this week with a prominent, always thoughtful hotelier. We talked about new concepts and profitability for owners. His idea is to take the first two floors of a 4-star experience and create leasable space for the highest bidders, including F&B. There would be little to no hotel-run F&B to cut costs and minimize the unions. All the money would go into creating the best user-friendly rooms. I like the premise.

I also like the potential for Barry Sternlicht’s 1 brand if he and new CEO C. Scott Rohm can execute properly and control costs to entice developers. It speaks to our inner consciouses and, even better, to the Millennials. It reads as young and smart, and I will be very curious to watch the rollout.

IHG’s Even brand fits somewhat into the same “holistic wellness” genre of the 1 brand, and maybe this is the new direction. What do you think of these concepts?