Free parking in London

Have you heard there is a hotel in London offering free parking to all guests?

Another property in Seattle, located right next door to Starbucks, is giving away free instant coffee (just mix it with hot water) in every guestroom.

Finally, a hotel in Gulkana, Alaska — average temperature of 8 degrees F (-13 degrees C) — is offering complimentary access to its (non-heated) outdoor pool during the entire month of December.

Are you providing what you believe your customers are looking for or what they actually value? I recently saw an ad promoting “free cable TV and local phone calls.” Isn’t having cable TV a bare minimum requirement for a hotel? And how many travelers are actually using hotel phones instead of their mobile phones?

Can you share examples of what you’ve seen that doesn’t provide any value to clients?

MPD: Find out what is really important to your customers and deliver.