Fizzing up interest

As we all know, sales of soft drinks have been declining in recent years as more people become health conscious in their food choices. The challenge as operators is that soft drinks helped our bottom line due to their relatively low costs and the high volume of sales, and those in the hospitality industry need to help find a healthier drink for guests to enjoy.

By contrast, the juicing trend has taken off, and according to, the pressed juice trend will not go away in 2014. In the health and wellness industry, we see a constant desire for proper nutrition, and we have been working on ways to make even those not-so-good for you items good for you again.

In Sedona, we have been successful with selling fresh juice made for our juice bar at our spa, which sparked a new idea to begin using the juices in other outlets for smoothies, cocktails and even sodas.

We recently started making artisanal sodas in house. Each one is made fresh at the bar, and the sodas are selling faster than we imagined. This is not only a positive alternative for guests who love the fizz of a cold soda drink, but we are getting a substantial premium for the juices due to the fact that we make them onsite daily. We are aiming for 30,000 sales of juices at US$5 each for the first year in Sedona, which would mainly be profit for the resort.

While not everyone has a fresh juice bar, there are other ways to replicate this idea, and we are looking at doing something similar at our Virginia property as well. I will let you know how this is going after we get though a season in Sedona!