Fitness programs step it up

Fitness is a personal experience with its highs and lows as well as blood, sweat and tears, which makes travel and fitness an often challenging pairing for guests and hotels. And with many guests too busy to hit the hotel gym, hotels are taking serious note as a new crop of hotel workout innovations are appearing.

Properties have been delivering workout accessories to guestrooms for a while now, so it doesn’t come as a surprise the menu of deliverable options has expanded. Well-thought-out workout aids should at the very minimum include a yoga mat, traditional dumbbell set, stability ball, resistance band, exercise DVD and jump rope. But it doesn’t stop there.

Making traveler fitness dreams come true was the vision behind Blue Clay Fitness, a training firm based out of Southern California whose devotees include supermodel Cindy Crawford and recently slimmed-down actress Kelly Osbourne. The company claims to have launched the first digital in-room fitness program via an exclusive series of virtual sessions at The Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. The videos were intentionally filmed in the hotel’s rooms and are delivered via an iPad showing guests exactly how and where to achieve their workout goals in the privacy of their room. 

Another innovative fitness partnership can be experienced at the Epiphany Hotel in Palo Alto, California, which cleverly partnered with Jawbone, making it easier than ever for guests to maintain their workout regime by tracking their fitness activities using a wearable band. (If a guest doesn’t have a Jawbone band with them, they are available for US$99 at the front desk.)

The premise behind the partnership is that the hotel actually challenges guests to “Mission Fitness” with a map of the city showing how many steps are required to get from point A to B pinpointing different landmarks. The more steps the guest takes during their stay, the more they are treated to incentives and activities that suit their individual fitness level. At 10,000 steps, the guest receives a free appetizer, at 15,000 steps a complimentary breakfast and at 20,000 steps, a US$30 gift card to the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant.

I believe this collaboration to motivate guests to be active borders on genius thanks to its relevancy, fun creativity and extraordinary marketing of a program, brand and amenity.

Are you offering or have you experienced an innovative fitness program? If so, feel free to describe the offering and also elaborate on how you personally stay fit on the road.