Finding sincere hospitality in Cancun

Finding sincere hospitality in Cancun

My family and I have been fortunate to spend the last four days in Cancun compliments of my father-in-law to celebrate his 70th birthday. He wanted to treat both daughters and two lucky sons in law and four grandkids to a memorable getaway.

It was our first time staying at an “all-inclusive” resort. After several days of learning the system, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We systematically calculated the best times to eat, what to order, and where to sit pool side.

What I was most impressed with was the genuine service that we experienced at all levels at this resort. My father-in-law was able to practice his Spanish and spoke the native tongue to just about everyone he encountered (even the Americans).

We heard from some employees that their daily rate of pay was only US$5. Many of them were anxious to learn more English as this was a way to elevate their roles and pay levels. Everyone seemed happy to provide service. Nothing was a bother. Life was very good. 

I asked a van driver the cause for such happiness and he stated that he liked showing visitors the beauty of his country that he was proud of. The beauty we found was not only in the landscaping, but also in the people.

How do you go about finding the right people to provide genuine service in your business?