Finding pennies, remembering Bubby this year

Finding pennies, remembering Bubby this year

I’ve been reflecting on a difficult year in which we lost my mother-in-law, a very special lady who battled lung cancer for nine years. She was always up for everything and anything. She was positive and enjoyed life to the fullest every day. It has been hard for us to understand why such a positive person that brought such happiness to so many people was taken away. At times during the holidays, it seems to be more quiet than usual with her not being with us. We miss her brisket, her laugh, her energy, and her love.

Our family made many decisions based on her health over the years and we felt good about our choices. As we prepare to enter 2011, my family and I are again thinking about Bubby ( and what is truly important in life. Sometimes the holiday season brings about excess (of food, gifts, beverages, etc). Sometimes this excess serves as a distraction to what is really important… the love of family and friends.

We have resolved to:


– Eliminate the clutter (in your office, on your computer, in your homes).

– Focus on what is important (health, family and happiness)

– Enjoy what you do everyday (if not, make plans to change what you do)

– Communicate openly and honestly (there is no resolution in silence).

Our Bubby was always the first person to be giving, by picking up the check for dinner, by bringing special gifts for the kids, by altering her schedule to help others. She was the first to reach into her purse and give pennies to the kids to toss into the “wishing” fountains. These days we are reminded of her almost daily as we find pennies scattered across the most unusual places. It is Bubby’s way of reminding us of what is important.

I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year (filled with lots of pennies)!