Finally, a cab driver who ‘asked’ for the sale

Today, I gathered my luggage and carry-on in preparation for a 3 p.m. pickup from the taxi company in my area. The gentleman was polite enough — introduced himself and asked me my name. He smiled and in his broken English attempted to make small talk about being ready for Christmas. When he sensed that I was not in the mood for continued dialogue, he simply drove, and we listened to the radio playing holiday music. As we neared the airport, he asked when I was coming back into town and offered to pick me up at the airport on my return. I thanked him for his offer and took his business card. He was gracious, used my name as we concluded the payment transaction and wished me a very safe trip.

In the 30 years I have been riding in cabs to and from the airport, this is only the second time someone has offered to pick me up again. He asked for the business, and I was happy to oblige.

What are you doing in your sales organization to go after repeat business? Are you relying on fate and your delivery of good service to expect the customer to call you again? Put yourself out there and make it easy for the customer by calling them proactively and encouraging them to use you again.