Feeling special with loyalty programs

Feeling special with loyalty programs

This past week I traveled to Dallas, and I flew on American Airlines. It was a successful trip, and I had the chance to meet with terrific customers. On the return flight home, I arrived at the airport early enough to do some people watching. Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to travel on this carrier as often as I had in the past, and therefore didn’t have any special achievement levels with regard to its frequent traveler program.

My boarding group on this particular journey was number 4. I waited patiently until the other groups had been called, and although there were only about seven of us left to board, one late gentlemen wanted the particular experience of waiting in the line that said “Priority Access.” The gate agent had to stop taking tickets from the “General Boarding” line, move to the “Priority Access” line, detach the stanchion and let this person through. At this point, due to his tardiness, there was no real benefit in moving to a separate line. My philosophy was, “as long as it made him happy.” I was equally happy when I received a warm welcome on the flight and a courteous (and safe) experience.

What does your company do to recognize loyal customers? Has it been effective?