Fear of Missing Something Awesome (FOMSA)

Fear of Missing Something Awesome (FOMSA)

During a recent trip to Baltimore, I had the chance to explore Little Italy and watch a game of bocce being played by young and older generations. After viewing the competition, I stopped in a local Italian deli (Isabella’s) and saw some of the teams enjoying some wood-oven pizza before their next match.

I was intrigued to see the older experts enjoying the game with younger, less experienced couples. I asked a young couple what inspired them to pick up the sport. The wife wanted to do it for the social aspect. The husband simply replied, “FOMSA.  I did not know what this acronym stood for and asked if it was some type of text abbreviation. He informed me that it stood for, “Fear of Missing Something Awesome,” and this was something that he lived his life by. He did not want to miss out on anything fun, whether it be bocce in Baltimore or a game of Sunday flag football with his buddies. His friends quickly learned this about him and would call him at odd hours just to test his willingness to do just about anything fun at anytime.

Personally, I walked away from that summer night in Baltimore with a new appreciation for trying new things and experiencing life. While we all work tremendously hard and it might be difficult to muster up enough energy for continued fun and exploration after a long day, remember “FOMSA” and the inspirational lyrics of Bon Jovi: “Live when I’m alive, sleep when I’m dead.”