Father’s Day promo think tank

After last week’s post about the business boom surrounding Father’s Day, I felt compelled to elaborate about a few ideas on how hotel properties could capitalize on the Father’s Day trend!

With restaurants continuing to be the main lure, a few pop-up amenities prior to dads making their way to sit down for their Father’s Day meal will set the tone for what the day is all about: honoring fatherhood! What follows are a few hotel experiences that I have no doubt will attract and suit any and all dad types and hopefully improve your bottom line on June 16.

1. Create a dedicated cigar lounge and bar, referring to it as “The Dad Cave.”

Include unexpected guy-friendly amenities such as a hand-rolled cigar bar, a special edition wine tasting, craft beer tasting, MANicures, shoe shine and a putting green with gift certificate prizes for any dad who masters a hole in one.

2. Have a photographer stationed at your property entrance capturing the arriving champions — dads! Consider renting a Harley, Ducati, F1 or Nascar that dad can take snapshots in front of. Have finish line flags and bottles of champagne props for the photo opp, and be sure to have the cars perfectly positioned so your signage magically appears in each picture! Have your female staff dressed in “race attire” as they collect emails to send a copy of the photo and to pour a glass of champagne for the dads. (A great first impression and easy way to boost your future guest prospect list and social media posts!)

3. Invite a local barber to set up a temporary pop-up shop in your lobby. Guys receive complimentary services while the barber delights over the great exposure! Trims and hot towel treatments will have dads in a relaxed mode in no time. (A great space to position the pop-up barber is directly in front of a flat-screen TV broadcasting sports.)

4. Offer a free glass of champagne to all fathers in your restaurant, instruct the servers to invite dads to order first and dads’ desserts are complimentary.

5. At check-in, invite each guest to receive a complimentary visit from “The Fragrance Butler,” (summoned from your local department store) who will arrive at the guest’s preferred time with a variety of luxurious colognes for a new scent experience. This amenity generates countless raves by guests touting the service and, of course, your property wins as it earns favorable mention.

6. All staff members should be wearing fun, creative ties on June 16. If you are a formal property, consider renting white gloves and top hats for your front door staff.

7. Offer an over-the-top dads getaway package that includes a suite, a gin martini, an in-room massage and a luxury car rental such as a Bentley or Porsche. (The rates, of course, would fluctuate based on the car selected.)

Hopefully these ideas will spark conversation at your property on how to join in the trend of making Father’s Day a profitable and creative day. Feel free to share the plans you’ll be adopting to lure dads to your hotel on this special day!